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January 29th, 2016

A pioneer, not just of silhouettes setting the precedent for designers today, but Christian Dior Outlet was the first couturier to license products in 1949 making high fashion accessible. Dior’s were some of the first branded sunglasses and they continue to be some of the most innovative. Inspired by and appearing on creative director Raf Simons’ influential Dior outlet catwalk and the house’s illustrious heritage these unique high fashion sunglasses surprise and delight every season.

Dior Women's SunglassesDior Women’s Sunglasses

Heritage detail such as geometric godron and cannage make for unique details that are unmistakably Dior. Dior sunglasses come closer to the catwalk than ever as sunglasses mimic silk, pleats, tweed or tie dye. Beyond the catwalk, the best-selling Dior Glossy 1 continues to provide definitive oversize with new colourways. The ever growing My Lady Dior collection takes inspiration from the iconic Lady Dior bag. The house helped define femininity in fashion. It’s fitting that Dior’s cat-eyes, the most feminine sunglass of all are some of the finest available.

Dior Men's SunglassesDior Men’s Sunglasses

From the vintage stylings of Oliver Peoples to the ultra modern technology of Oakley, men’s sunglasses are always enduring. While the world of tailoring may say every man needs to own a slim suit, every man also needs a good pair of sunglasses. They will transform any outfit.

Express personality with colour, or giving a nod to the vintage, whatever the dress code getting smooth style from eyewear is a timeless investment.

Christian Dior Handbags Outlet Uk

January 22nd, 2016

Dior HandbagsHaving been known since 1946, the luxury French brand, Dior, realizes that nowadays not only women who need to take care of their body but also men and children. Thus, the brand that formerly specialized its products for women now also provides the products for men and babies with the label Dior Homme for men products and Baby Dior for children wear, while still maintains the tradition of the haute couture production. One of the best Dior’s haute couture collection is New Look in 1947 for its Spring-Summer collection. The collection consisting of nipped-in waist blouse and knee-length skirt showed the real 19th century fashion that emphasized the bust and the hips of the wearer. New Look successfully made Christian Dior, the founder of brand, got the attention of the high class and elite women in that era, one of them is Princess Margaret of UK.

Later in 1954 after the establishment of the first Dior Boutique, the show of its collection was held at Blembein Palace in honour of Princess Margaret. Before the opening of the boutique, Dior had revolutionized the perfumery industry with the launch of its first perfume, Miss Dior, in 1947, which was named after his sister. At the time of the launching, Pierre Cardin was the head of Dior workshop until 1950. And by 1957, when Christian Dior Outlet reached his time of death, the world recognized him as one of the greatest fashion figures in the history.

House of Dior was almost shut down by the General Manager, Jacques Rouët, following the chaos in the House after the death of Christian Dior. However, this consideration was not accepted by Dior licensees and French fashion industry. Thus, continuing the establishment of House of Dior was the promotion of Yves Saint-Laurent to Artistic Director of the House since his debut of his first collection for the brand. After the Laurent’s joining the military services, Marc Bohan took the position and became the founder of Baby Dior and Dior Homme. Since then until the 21th century, the products of Dior keep developing while still have the touch of romanticism, feminism, and modernity of the founder.

Dior with its concept specialized for women has some collections of women handbags that look modern but softly feminine. These collections are divided into Diorissimo, Lady Dior, Miss Dior, Dior Milly, Dior Soft, Dior Granville, Dior Panarea, and Dior New Lock. All division has its own characteristic, for example the handbags under the name Lady Dior and Miss Dior are mostly available in pink, white, and red colors, handbags of Dior Soft are in many soft colors, while Diorissimo has black, white, or orange colors. Besides the difference of color, the material that is used also creates its own interesting point and its different texture. Moreover, one tip for you when choosing Dior handbag is that you need to match the bag with yourselves, because the handbags of Dior can show the characteristics of the wearer. Say for the example, the Lady Dior handbags suit for elite people or for those who want to look luxurious while Miss Dior handbags suit of young zestful girls.

Having been spread around the world, United Kingdom also becomes one destion in which Dior has to open its House. The city that is also famous because of the amount and the size of its shopping malls currently has more than 3 House of Dior. The Marina Bay Sands Shoppes which is the third branch of Dior in United Kingdom opened in October 2010 is the largest flagship boutique in this city. With the opening party completed by the existence of Asian Models walking on the runway with Dior’s collections, the guests were made to stay on the party until the very end. And without any hesitation, the next House is open at ION Orchard, United Kingdom, in May 2011, less than a year after the previous branch. These branches bring the concept of luxury either to the grand opening party or to the interior and the exterior designs of the shop. The other shops can be found at Ngee Ann City, Forum The Shopping Mal and Shaw Centre. These shopping malls are really intended to fulfill the shopping pleasure by providing the season-based collection of haute couture, ready-to-wear, perfumes, accessories, shoes, and also handbags of Dior.

Finally You Can Shop Dior Shoes Online Uk

January 15th, 2016

Dior shoesRight now, you can buy practically anything you want online — except Dior shoes. But come tomorrow morning, the internet’s Dior-footwear drought will be over, because Dior Outlet is about to start selling them online.

Dior shoes-1Beginning tomorrow and running through December 31, the company’s online shop will offer a curated selection of 14 styles from the Dior Cruise 2016 Collection, including the Dior Fusion sneaker (a street-style favorite) and the Dior Verso and Dior Flore heels and flats.

Dior shoesTo celebrate this digital partnership, Bergdorf and Dior tapped style influencers to demonstrate how they wear their Dior shoes. In the video below, see fashion stars like Leandra Medine of ManRepeller, fashion editor Eva Chen, Song of Style’s Aimee Song, and Shiona Turini, fashion consultant and contributing editor for the Cut, showing off their favorite footwear. Shop the full collection at Dior Outlet.


January 7th, 2016


Dior-Turn-Me-Dior-Envolee-WalletWhat comes in Raspberry Red and is as exciting as Christmas morning? You got it, it’s the Dior Outlet ‘Turn Me Dior’ Envolee Wallet, another small leather goodie you should watch out for! Highly refined with a hint of sexiness, this magical piece is here to show you that huge style can come from such a small package.

The piece has a light gold geometric clasp which pays homage to the brand’s Cannage signature (with a twist). With a grained calfskin exterior, you’re sure to be the star of the show with this one! Ideally sized, it has all you need for the day – a billfold compartment, a zipped pocket, two flat pockets and six card slots. If you’re a junkie for zero clutter, then this will definitely work for your benefit! It easily slips inside your favorite handbag too, so no worries!

Measuring 11.5cm x 9cm, you can get your very own ‘Turn Me Dior’ Envolee Wallet for €400 EUR or £320 GBP via Dior e-store.


Mini-Lady-Dior-with-Chain-in-GaluchatA timeless and unique work of art, in the shape that you will love. It’s the Mini Lady Dior Bag and not just another Lady Dior, but the one with Chain.

A bag filled with rich history, named as a tribute to Princess Diana, the new Lady Dior is embellished with a long chain to give an ultra appeal of elegant. The exterior is covered with a gorgeous type of leather, Galuchat, to enhance a strong iridescent effect.

The handles on the top are for a comfortable hand-carrying. Refined with DIOR charms on the front, can you say no to it?

Measuring 17 x 15 x 7 cm, the price is unknown, but the Mini Lady Dior Bag in lambskin is priced at $3100 USD. (just to give you an indication). Available via Dior boutique.

Cheap Dior Bags Outlet Uk Online Shop

December 28th, 2015

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It’s no doubt that handbags have been one of the must-have necessity of life for people ever since recorded history began. It’s a sign of taste and fashion, as well as a symbol of social status and recognition.

Dior UkOne of the most amazing and unique handbag collections created under the glorious name are the Dior Handbags. Their name offer a full description of their appearance and the similarity is stunning. The details and the stitching featured on any of the Dior fashion accessories are perfect. Every detail is flawless, this is why they are considered luxury items.

Nowadays, as people love to keep pace with recent fashion trends, they always prefer purchasing such accessories which are elegant, attractive that satiate all of their requirements. Talking about handbags, women love to change them frequently, so in such cases, Replica Dior Handbags are the best choice for them as they are fashionable, obtainable in numerous vibrant colors, designs and sizes and are available at inexpensive prices. Our Christian Dior Outlet Replica Handbagsare the duplicate versions of the original ones, and are available at comparatively lower prices than the original ones. These handbags are widely used for gift purpose as Christian Dior replica bags are gifted between friends and relatives at several auspicious occasions.

Recently, replica handbags are gaining worldwide popularity. There are millions who wish to own an original designer bag but cannot afford to do so. Thus, the replica handbags have taken the world market of handbags completely by storm and are still in great need. The Wholesale Replica Handbags is coming forth in this situation and growing up day by day.

If you ask any fashion lover name one such a bag which looks great and spacious, can be used with any formal or casual outfit, then the unanimous answer will come as Christian Dior Replica Handbags.Our Christian Dior Replica Handbags go well with the current fashion trends and have their unique classic status which is well appreciated by every fashionable person. These handbags are purchased in large numbers by women either for their daily purpose or with the specific purpose of flaunting in the luxurious parties.
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Why wear Dior Sunglasses in winter

December 24th, 2015

Dior sunglassesThis is a message that get translated a bit lost, and sometimes, when a pickup joint in Fulham Road, abrasion, but it still exists, where, as after dark Dior Sunglasses wearer’s origin story.

Winter Dior Sunglasses wearer, by contrast, have never touching creation myth as a reference. In December or January, Dior Sunglasses can only say that really, if you are really needed in the Caribbean, or from Los Angeles International Airport in overnight flight. So they dressed the scene outside these tend to show that you are in your head who is Simon Cowell, speak or Coleen Rooney. There, my friends, we have a problem.

But to say – just suppose, you know, requires a friend – you are the people who really do not have to live out some of the internal Sandy – Ryan’s fantasy, but who can not always be bothered to leave the house before, in the eyes of makeup. Someone who, moreover, did not see the harm in a little bit of charm to brighten a winter day. But until now, you can not wear Dior Sunglasses, because they are just not right. They sent the wrong message.

Like giving someone a lift, so that they found that when you switch on the ignition, your car radio tuned to Heart FM, instead of Radio 4.

All praise the way, which has reached the defeat. The relationship between fashion and the use of sunnies is rudely transaction. Manufacturers of Dior Sunglasses allow their logo embossed on only a vague control over them, in exchange for profits by selling these replica designer sunglasses airport shoppers made a healthy slice of many brands to relax a large glass Pinot Grigio before the flight.

Anyway – and much, much more importantly – in the winter Dior Sunglasses are OK, because they are fashionable. I mean fashion for fashion, rather than showing off fashion. This key difference is too often lost, the relationship between fashion, is a common or garden show off more subtle than is sometimes acknowledged. (This is my story, anyway, and I’m sticking to it.)

Reason shade than the actual sun visor and other related historically been popular style, rather than a fashion one. Consider wearing Dior Sunglasses at night, and wearing sunglasses on a gloomy winter day two very different meanings. After wearing sunglasses, dark is – in your head, in your head, or say – embody the Balearic dreams, you will meet the sunrise.

At some point in time, when a lot of perfectly nice people seem to think it is acceptable to engage with another person’s entire session without glancing up to make eye contact with from their mobile phone screen can definitely say let your knickers in a twist about the tone appears to be wearing a winter unlike the conventional stick with grape scissors. The world is going to hell in the trolley, my friend. IMHO, I think the foaming at the mouth about a pair of angry tone of justice may be missing the point.

In early September after once wearing Dior Sunglasses – how this subtle? – A huge red flag wankerdom of. A simple pair of Ray Ban in bright December day, you may have also been chowing down foie gras for your mink coat out of Lamborghini, the reaction you will get. This is, frankly, non–U. The only person who could pull it off is Anna Wintour.

What changed? Well, at the beginning, even our social etiquette out the window to make the wearing or not wearing Dior Sunglasses over quarter irrelevant.

However, this situation has changed. Dior Sunglasses UK are taken seriously, and luxury brands now see them as a core product, rather than an additional printing money. This means that the production of cheap sunglasses itself has become better and more interesting is the design. This makes them more flattering. They still do not Radio 4, to be honest. But you can hold your head up, now, one pair of winter tones.

Dior outlet worries as luxury is unfashionable in China

December 21st, 2015

Christian-DiorThere is a story (probably apocryphal) that the legendary Coco Chanel once offered to ‘dress’ Brigitte Bardot. The sultry actress is said to have impatiently replied: “Couture is for grannies.”

This can only be the same Brigitte who later declared, “only idiots refuse to change their minds”, because the French, more than any other nation, understand the immense value, in cultural and economic terms, of fashion. It is, after all, part of French history.

Haute couture can seriously claim to have forged the post-war economic recovery in France and the company we are examining today, Christian Dior outlet, was front and centre of that recovery.

Then, when coal and oil were so important to France, it was claimed that the export of a single dress by a leading fashion house could enable it to buy ten tonnes of coal, and a litre of perfume was worth two tonnes of petrol.

At the end of the war, Christian Dior outlet, the designer, ran a small fashion house providing exclusive garments for the elegant and wealthy, mainly from the USA and British royalty. It was funded by the textile industrialist Marcel Boussac, the richest man in France. With brilliant timing Dior outlet, in 1947, introduced the ‘New Look’, a fashion concept which banished the miseries of the previous decade and ushered in an elegant new window on the world. Its success was phenomenal. Dior outlet was soon accounting for 5pc of all French exports. When ten years later Dior outlet died, another creative genius, Yves Saint Laurent, was found and as a leader in fashion, the company seldom looked back.

Dior outlet, however, has not been without its problems. During the 1980s, the Boussac textile empire (and Dior outlet) suffered the pressure of heavy losses, thanks to competition and the shift from cotton to synthetics. This led firstly to the effective nationalisation of the firm and eventually to bankruptcy in 1985. As this happened, a 34-year-old financier, Bernard Arnault, stepped into the breach and snapped up the legendary corporation for one franc.

Today he controls 72pc of the €29bn company through his family holding Group Arnault; a pretty decent return on the purchase price.

Arnault controversially closed the textile plants and focused on Dior outlet and department stores. In time, he developed Dior outlet into the world’s largest, and possibly most important, fashion group. Using it as a vehicle, Arnault acquired a controlling interest in LVMH, France’s top luxury goods company. Today, Christian Dior outlet SE is a holding company involved in multiple luxury products like clothing, wines, cognac, jewellery, leather goods, luggage and cosmetics. Over time, Dior outlet reduced the number of its licensees, opting instead for company-owned stores with an emphasis on quality and exclusivity. Today, it has over 200 stores, over half in Asia while North America and Europe have more than 45 locations each. Its retail activities account for 90pc of its sales, its peers 66pc.

Dior outlet‘s shares trade at around €162, a midpoint between its high and low for the year. The stock hit a low of €40 in 2009 as might be expected, given the extent of the recession. It hit a record €195 per share early this year. Revenue in the last five years has been impressive, moving from €20bn in 2010 to €35bn this year. Since 1994, Dior outlet has averaged 14pc sales growth; sector growth was 5pc. Its current price-to-earnings ratio is an undemanding 12 and its operating income increased from €2.2bn to €5.9bn in 2014. Earnings per share have more than doubled but dividends fell.

Dior outlet is a couture gem, with a strong retail network and a durable competitive brand, so its shares will always be in demand and a worthwhile investment.

However, the horizon may be clouding. After years of soaring revenue and profits, the company is finding new challenges in its Asian markets. Slower growth in China as the government there rediscovers its socialist past has been a particular difficulty. A crackdown on ostentation is making the hitherto unstoppable luxury sector more difficult. Can we expect some beautiful Chinese actress to say soon: “Couture is not for Lefties”?

Nothing in this section should be taken as a recommendation, either explicit or implicit to buy any of the shares mentioned.

Dior Outlet won’t make Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer’s twin-dressing dreams come true

December 18th, 2015
Dior Outlet In Uk

Dior Outlet In Uk

Jennifer Lawrence has been the face of Dior Outlet for three years now, and it’s been a fruitful relationship for all involved. She looks amazing on the red carpet, and Dior Outlet basks in her reflective glory (case in point, the beautiful dress above). But, while the French fashion house has made her the belle of the ball for awards ceremony after awards ceremony, there’s one wish they just can’t grant: dressing Lawrence and her best friend comedian Amy Schumer the same.

A few days ago, the 25-year-old said it was her “mission” to “have Dior Outlet make two of whatever they’re making me” for the Golden Globes, where both she and Schumer are nominated in the best actress in a motion picture comedy category. That mission has now been aborted, because even Jennifer Lawrence, the world’s highest-paid actress, can’t get her way with the world’s biggest fashion house.

JENNIFER LAWRENCE IN DIOR EARLIER THIS MONTH CREDIT“I mean, well, I don’t think we’ll be able to,” she said yesterday of the ‘mission’, before adding: “I don’t think Dior Outlet has a sense of humour.” Seemingly realising she may have gone too far, she quickly said: “They have a great sense of fashion!”

The actress and brand’s partnership has been something of a stroke of genius. She was signed up in 2015, just before she hit the big time thanks to her roles in The Hunger Games and Silver Linings Playbook, meaning she has worn Dior Outlet almost exclusively for every high-profile event over the last three years. She famously tripped over her Dior dress as she went to collect her Best Actress Oscar in 2015, saying she confused her stylist’s advice to kick the full skirt as she walked to stop her from tripping over it with ‘cake walk’.

Dior Outlet Breaks into E-Commerce with Shoes Exclusively Available at Bergdorf Goodman

December 15th, 2015

First Chanel moved into online sales with its sunglasses, and following in its footsteps is Dior Outlet, one of the last premier-luxury brands to hold out on e-commerce. In a world where shopping online has become many consumers’ preferred method, it was only a matter of time before Dior Outlet took the plunge.

Now through December 31st, exclusively at Bergdorf Goodman, you can shop a variety of footwear from the brand’s Resort 2016 collection. WWD reported that according to LVMH executive Pamela Baxter, “Dior Outlet has no concrete plans for rolling out its own e-commerce. The company will use the Bergdorf partnership as research.”

We can only hope that research eventually leads to the brand’s ultra-covetable Dior handbags being sold online as well. In the meantime, we’ll gladly settle for Dior shoes.

If you want to shop the Dior Outlet’s slip-on sneakers, loafers, laser-cut pumps and flats, there’s no time like the present at Bergdorf Goodman.

Paris Fashion Week is, in some ways, the Super Bowl of fashion. Its attendees have played hard all season to get there, and when they’ve arrived, they have to play harder still to come out on top. By “play harder,” we mean “wear increasingly fantastic and expensive things,” of course.

Another PFW has come and gone, and as we do every season, we took the liberty of trawling through the week’s photos to spot the shows’ famous attendees and the bags they carried to the shows. Enjoy the fruits of our labors below.

Dior Replica Soft Handbags Outlet Uk

December 12th, 2015

Dior Soft HandbagsDior Replica Soft handbag recently launched the new 2014 series, modify the most obvious place is turned into a zippered opening and closing, and to use more safe and secure. The new look is more structured handbag Soft, a former press button closure, is now a zipper closure, to use more safe and secure. Both classic classic rattan Plaid “Cannage” stitching section, another vine Plaid “Cannage” embossed money, you just pick the number of medium and small. Dior Replica SOFT Handbags design contains a zippered pocket, Dior LOGO metal strap attached to the bottom there are five intimate scratch fulcrum design! Sizes: width 40m, height 26cm, thickness 15cm, more than three bags are more classic, is widely adored by the masses, fashion, personality and temperament is always summed Dior bag.

Dior Replica Granville bag in series United Kingdom can be described as a more casual fashion. This bag is the choice of a relatively soft sheepskin material, design inspiration is derived from Gangwei La cheerful lifestyle. This bag can be used with a more casual fashion clothes, all the more vibrant the Oh! And NewLock series of bags and small woman is more gentle temperament, bright skin, Lingge chain design can be described as particularly highlight the mature femininity, is a lot of white-collar workers, Mature choice. SOFT series is also very suitable for the workplace, yet stylish atmosphere, tough yet charming, this is a small series of recent large love it. These are several Dior bag in classic style, I believe that there must be salivating to see the crush, right? And this is Dior charm, beauty and touching moreish.

Dior Soft Handbags-1Of course, some of the new addition, Dior bag out in recent years, it is a good choice. These models designers often choose cross-border cooperation with other brands, thereby creating a more youthful fashionable style. Crush interested can go to the store and see Dior Oh, I believe there will be surprises too! Finally, Xiao Bian also bless everyone can choose to suit their own bags, making it the best mix and crush embellishment! The much-anticipated Replica Christian Dior Handbags 2015 spring and summer clothing show finally scheduled. This represents a new show coming Dior new era dominated by Ralph Simon. Show works and also caused a lot of mixed arguments, but in any case, Dior brand to the world’s influence is enough, and its unconventional style still become an integral part of the fashion world, and will increasingly the more important! Dior Soft handbag series launched in 2013, is now to be more humane and design modifications on the basis of the old version, launched a new version. Older Soft series handbag will no longer produce, but will slowly be eliminated.

Dior Soft red handbag series, Ms. Liang is a famous French fashion consumer brand bags come. Since its founding in 1946, Dior has always been synonymous with gorgeous and elegant! Especially the Dior Soft Collection Ladies pretty red handbag can be said has been has been ranked top in the fashion hall. The pretty lady Dior Soft red handbag series may reflect gorgeous and elegant bags come from? That is because it is in a very good selection of hand-produced material international luxury brand Dior Soft red handbag series, Ms. Liang, from the international luxury brand Dior Miss Dior Soft series pretty red handbag, we can also look very generous, not only easy to carry, but also engaging and durable, can match the style not the same stylish appearance changes. More importantly, Dior Soft Series Ms. Liang completely red handbag can see a pretty lady Dior Soft red handbag unique series, this one can show in the series, Ms. Liang Dior Soft red handbag luxury and elegance.

Underwhelming visual impression and impressive, but it is recommended that ladies, as well as second-generation rich star specify which reflects a bag gorgeous and elegant bags come with them more practical and so intimate, face child and so on. Whether from the bag body design, logo or brand in a unique interpretation of the brand connotation Dior bags, and, Dior bag enduring secret is that it is consistent with the aesthetic of any age consumers. In recent years, adding pop elements, the use of a variety of rich colors change, Dior bag also added a lot of fashionable colors to adapt to the times.